All  photos on my website have been finished with
the techniques I have described in this website.
This is done in a mottleing but instead of swirling the colors together I used a rag and just rubbed through each to bring them together. Every tool you use or the way you use them create a new look! Be creative and create your own. I've seen people use some interesting objects in faux!
My name is Donna Hays, I have been a professional
Decorative Arts painter for 2
4 years and realize this can be an
intimidating process for the  do-it-yourself beginner.

I am amazed at all the books and websites out there that are so
confusing to the beginner of faux painting.  Most do not explain
the very basics of the art, like what a
glaze is!

So, after compiling these tutorials on the EASIEST FAUX
FINISHES,  I developed this site to teach you, the be-
ginner, how to faux paint using basic and easy to obtain items
as tools.  Not everyone wants to buy the expensive books,
dvds, tools or go to classes- not understanding half of what
they say, they just want to paint a room!!    I will teach the
"lingo" of faux painting (glazing), which so many books don't
Decorative paint treatments are the easiest and most cost effective ways
to add a personal custom look to your rooms furnishings!
This glaze was done in a pale grey glaze over lavender,turned the wall into a beautiful color-quite unique!
The reason I started painting is just that... a way I could add
warmth and style on a low budget. I just kept going because I
found it's endless what you can use faux painting for!  
I haven't yet found anything I cannot paint!
Faux isn't a scary word---just hard to
pronounce!  (it's pronounced foe)

What's the definition?  It means fake or
to fool the eye.                     
Faux painting includes various types of
painting that is made to resemble other
surfaces.  You are creating an illusion.

Want your house to have the latest look
but don't think you do it?                   

I believe ANYONE can learn to faux
paint but just need the EASIEST finishes
and the basic knowledge with some
professional painting tips explained!
I encourage you to read the "lingo" and "preparation" pages as these are
not only helpful but invaluable as theycan be the most critical steps in
creating a success!

My mission, should you choose to accept it, is to show faux won't scare
you but you will feel confident enough to try , and have FUN doing it!   
And remember..................
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All rights reserved.  No part of this website may be reproduced without the permission of the author.
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